ANTS Satellite Monitoring of Your Freight Containers
- Tracks containers through GPS satellite up-link from inside warehouses or in stacks of containers.

- Uses sensor probe inside container to detect intrusion, stowaways or movement.

- Detects transport or movement of container.

- Time stamps all events for display on internet.

- Uses Globalstar network of 48 satellites with coverage worldwide.

U-ANTS up-link
ANTS tags talk to each other to relay data out of warehouses, in stacks of containers or around other obstacles to find the satellite up-link device U-ANTS. Then all the data from the satellites is transferred to the internet for authorized users to locate, verify security, or time its delivery to destinations. In a large container yards U-ANTS are located every few hundred yards. U-ANTS are totally self-contained with solar battery.
Reusable Tagging
White Paper

Low Cost Satellite Monitoring of Ocean Freight Containers
PowerPoint Presentation

ANTS container tag
To view a Ants® pdf file, click this link.

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